Through the years as I continue to paint, I care even less about object recognition now than I did in the past.

As technology has progressed, I have watched as people ‘filmed’ rather than watched concerts or personal interactions like birthday parties. Looking into their phones or cameras’ yes, they are indeed capturing memories. Those are precious. And with digital manipulation, yes, it is a form of art.

I’m sure you know there is a ‘but’ coming, and you would be right. Are they really connecting to the moment? Are they really present?

I want my art to create an awareness for the viewer. My art comes from emotion. What I am feeling at the time is mirrored in my work. The struggle is there. It is not a snippet in time that has been digitally manipulated.

When you see my art, I want you, the viewer, to feel an affective state of consciousness – to actually feel something, love or hate, joy, something. I ask that you linger long enough to enjoy the randomness of abstract expressionism – my chosen art form.